Shameful Bankers Fight in a Bank Hall Over Richman (See Photos)

It’s an enormous shame at the rate a certain ladies are these days loosing their pride and morals carelessly for cash.

Based on a report, both girls on the photoss are bankers with a cetain finance bank. One of the them just went behind her co-workers’s back to corner the account of businessman after giving the man her entire body.

Then the second lady here gave her body to the same man but she only lost out as why the man gave his fat bank account to only one of the ladies in the picture.

*Why did you decide go behind me to take the very fat account after I took you personally there? You’re very mad!

*The man will never like you, is only me he wants my body. Is it my huge fault? I offered all to him what he liked as well as got his fat account!

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